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What can iron forge do for you?

Iron Forge Development software strategy consulting is the leading advisor to companies, investors and enterprises seeking guidance on growth, operational and product/technology performance and investments in high tech startups. Software-driven and software-enabled companies and investors look to us for guidance on how to drive value across commercial, product, technology and R&D strategy.

Making the right decisions about software strategy and investments has never been more important. Many companies, both technology-native and historically non-technology, are now part of the software economy, where most or all of a company’s differentiation and value proposition are driven by software.

Iron Forge software consulting is a specialized advisory practice serving:
- Investors, including private equity firms
- Publicly listed software companies and software-enabled services businesses
- High Growth Technology startups
- Non-tech companies that are looking to transform their processes for the 21st century

Our portfolio

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A one-stop-shop for start-up fundraising

Web application providing tools and resources to manage the startup fundraising experience.

Food Industry, Mobile app

Social cooking and recipe discovery powered by your preferences and diet

Manna is about making food easier, no matter your desire, lifestyle or dietary needs. It's a platform where home cooks, chefs, recipe developers and creators can interact, customize recipes and share food – all in one place.