A one-stop-shop for start-up fundraising

Ridge is a web application providing tools and resources to manage the startup fundraising experience - spanning pitch development, investor identification, fundraise tracking, and legal support. Inspired by VC and startup consulting experience, the intent is to increase efficiency and transparency for entrepreneurs throughout the process of raising private funding, and to increase access to capital across industries and teams.

Design, Development
In-depth Investor Discovery

As a startup, there are few tools to directly connect with potential investors. Ridge enables these startups to finely target and search for investors through a rich set of search criteria.

Secure Document Protection

With an advanced permissioning system and secure file storage, the Ridge platform handles sensitive startup documents and disclosures for even the most complicated transactions.

Trackable File Management

Any file download on the Ridge platform is tracked allowing users to audit and gain insights into where, when, and to whom their documents are being shared.


Integrated fundraising management

Ridge organises the process across each fundraise. Startups can leverage a dashboard to create their target investor list and track progress against investor outreach and diligence.


A suite of pitch deck and legal resources

Ridge provides pitch deck templates and guidance to quickly develop a great pitch. Ridge also provides legal descriptions and a scenario modeling document to get on the investors' level when negotiating terms.


Advanced indexing and discovery

Investors and startups share a landscape that is scattered and siloed. As a startup, connecting with investors is a challenge. Knowing whether any investor was a suitable fit added another layer of complexity. Comparing one investor to another, or one startup with another, can be extremely difficult; especially if you are a newcomer.

Ridge’s simple to use investor discovery tools provide start-ups and investors the best experience to connect and fund.