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About the Forge

Iron Forge Development was founded to fill a hole in the software development ecosystem: the need for a company capable of creating high-grade production level software for the non-technical founder and/or client. Through transparency, communication, and planning, we have managed to shed light on the traditional black box of software development.

We know the importance of teamwork here at Iron Forge and fundamentally believe that a cross-functional team is critical to the efficient creation of industry-leading software. Our team’s unique experience in investments, high growth startups, corporate and startup software development, marketing, and process management have enabled us to create a truly unique experience for our clients.

We've designed and built over 100 projects in dozens of industries.

We are experts in helping subject matter experts, non-technical founders, and c-suite executives transform their ideas into profitable digital applications. Our unique approach to software commercialization has allowed us to be industry agnostic. We have helped our clients ideate, design and develop med-tech, fitness tech, ag-tech, business automation, event management, marketing, and a range of other software products.

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Meet the management team

Iron Forge is Directed by industry experts and proven talent with decades of experience in software engineering, product design, and business development.

Our Software has generated millions of dollars for our clients and served hundreds of thousands of users.

We've partnered with some of the nation's top companies and universities to support innovation, as well as worked with clients from 41 states

Throughout Iron Forge’s storied tenure, we’ve partnered with a variety of impactful organizations across America including the San Diego Angels, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, and Johns Hopkins University to build innovative technology. Through our work, our clients have accomplished top feats such as cracking the top 100 of the Apple App Store, earning the top spot on Product Hunt, being accepted into TechStars, and having an average of 4.85/5 stars across all our apps on the app stores.

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