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Get ready to witness remarkable results with impact mapping as it aligns your team's efforts and sparks innovation like never before in record time!

Software Product Workshops

Road to Success

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Domain Storytelling
Written manuscripts often fail to convey their intended point when used in isolation. Domain Storytelling helps share complex business processes and goals with purpose and simplicity.
impact Mapping
Impact mapping is an exhilarating strategic planning tool that unlocks your project's full potential by honing in on its goals and objectives! By connecting features and tasks to overarching business goals, impact mapping empowers your team to create a game-changing products.
Scenario modeling
Revolutionize your project planning with scenario modeling. By crafting engaging user stories, flow diagrams, and more, you'll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your system's interactions and pave the way for stakeholder satisfaction.
Modeling Value & Roadmaps
Prioritize components that align with long-term business objectives by considering factors such as resource requirements, business impacts, and user demand. Make informed decisions about feature prioritization and resource allocation.
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If you are interested in the details of how we conduct workshops see download our process guide.

Workshop experience

IN person, virtual or HYbrid

Creating innovative solutions takes a village. Get your stakeholders to the table in person or virtually. Iron Forge’s workshops are designed to help project owners involve all stakeholders in the process. Each workshop being customized to your teams needs.

Fully Remote

Workshops will take place using the latest hardware and software. Figma, zoom, touch screens all are utilized to make the workshop experience accessible by anyone with Wifi.


Workshops are broken into both remote and in person. Allowing our teams to meet face to face and immerse our team in your companies day to day.

In person

Iron Forge brings the workshop to you wherever your business resides. This allows an immersive experience for all stakeholders to be engaged during the entire workshop.

The Process

What to expect

Our workshops help teams create a comprehensive understanding and requirements model that reflects the needs and goals of the project owner and all stakeholders.

Workshop experience

Phases of workshop

The products of tomorrow start before a line of code is ever written or a screen drawn. It starts with WHY! Our teams first job during your workshop will be to extract assumptions, actors, goals and more from your team and stakeholders.

Divergent Phase

Stakeholders collaborate to generate diverse ideas and insights related to the business domain and customer needs. This phase is crucial in cultivating a shared understanding of the problem, assumptions, and constraints amongst stakeholders.

Emergent Phase

A dynamic phase where the fusion of existing ideas sparks the identicication of patterns and concepts. By embracing diverse perspectives and suspending judgment, this stage fuels collaborative creativity, paving the way for groundbreaking and inclusive product solutions.

Convergent Phase

The convergent stage in a product workshop is focused on meticulously distilling ideas into a select set of powerful, actionable objectives. It serves as the crucible for innovation, where participants rigorously scrutinize and refine the ideas, ultimately forging the foundation of groundbreaking products.
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