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From the moment Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone, mobile apps have become some of the most consequential and ubiquitous software in our daily lives. Iron Forge’s mobile engineers have built hundreds of apps for each platform and can bring that incredible level of expertise and refinement to your next app idea.
native Mobile Applications
When nothing but the best mobile experience will do, native mobile applications are the best choice.  With dozens of apps built and hundreds of thousands of users on our platforms, our iOS and Android experts know exactly what will make your app stand out in the crowd.
Hybrid Applications
Decrease your time-to-market by building one code base and launching on multiple platforms. Hybrid frameworks like Flutter offer a great solution for many mobile apps that do not need to leverage all of device’s native functionality. They are often great for developing fast, high quality go-to-market versions for our clients.
Mobile devices have become incredibly capable pocket sized machines. We work with our clients to identify the best mobile first architectures and solutions for their project.   Depending on a project’s needs, server less architectures offer a great way to reduce costs and time by eliminating the need for server-side development.
Store Approval Process
It’s well known that the Apple App Store and Google Play review processes can be tricky. Iron Forge has helped our clients navigate the complex world of listing their mobile applications on these marketplaces including handling submission, responses to the review team, and keeping up to date on new requirements.
Iron Forge is here to support your app from initial lines of code written through submission to the App Store and continued iteration and maintenance. Build intuitive, scalable, and feature-rich mobile apps with our mobile development teams.
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Mobile development

Native Development

Developing a native application can offer superior performance, greater flexibility, and a more cohesive user experience. As the languages and frameworks to build natively are created and/or officially supported by Apple and Google, they can leverage all the hardware and resources that our phones have to offer. Native apps provide extensive access to device features and capabilities, enabling richer, more interactive applications.
Native iOS
With its overwhelming market share with millennial and Gen Z users, iOS is officially the most popular mobile operating system in the states. Native iOS apps are built with Apple’s own language - Swift. Our native mobile engineers are well versed in utilizing all that iOS and iPhones have to offer including Augmented Reality, Apple ecosystem SDK’s like HealthKit and CloudKit, Bluetooth, LiDAR, Face ID and advanced biometrics, as well as Apple’s iMessage, Home Screen, and Lock Screen extensions.
Native Android
Android is the dominant operating system worldwide accounting for some 3.6 billion devices. Popular among business and productivity apps here in the states, modern native Android apps are built with Kotlin, a safe and expressive language officially adopted by Google as their language of choice for Android. Our Android engineers have built scalable apps for a myriad of industries which support hundreds of thousands of users.

Mobile development

Hybrid Development

Build once but launch on multiple platforms! Iron Forge’s hybrid mobile development team uses Flutter, a framework built by Google to write multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Hybrid development enables a faster go-to-market product making it perfect for all sized companies looking to launch and iterate on a product quickly without sacrificing quality.
The most popular hybrid framework, Flutter is different than other hybrid frameworks due to their native compiler resulting in apps that are as fast and responsive as their native counterparts. Flutter has incredibly strong and flexible capabilities allowing a single code base to create phone, tablet, desktop, and even web apps.

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