Reservoire is the only network designed to build resilience through human connection, measurement and intelligent information. Welcome to your new best friend for health and growing your reserves.

UI/UX Design - Discovery - iOS Development
Travel / Social Media
Automated Chatbot

Don't know where to find content specific to your interests? Just ask! Reservoire's automated chatbot has all the information you need about any interest or just content you may find interesting!

Resilience Meter

Get an understanding of how you're using the Reservoire app. The Resilience Meter shows your behavior on the app and assigns points to various actions. Gain points and raise your meter!

Automated Peer Connection

Instantly find peers on the platform that share one or more interests with you. Connect right away and start chatting!

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Drew Bartkiewicz, Founder at Patriapps, Inc.

Key features

UGC + AGC Forum Feed

Both User Generated Content (UGC) and Automated Generated Content (AGC) fill the forum feed to allow you to consume content from a myriad of sources including your Reservoire PeerPals.

Detailed Profiles

Each person on the Reservoire platform gets a unique profile that allows you to connect with them as an individual. Discover new people who share your interests!

Community Driven Content

Comment and share the various content on the Reservoire platform. Learn something new every day!

Instant Messaging

Keep your connections close and your conversations up to date with integrated messaging in the app. Share photos, chat through text, and connect with others on the Reservoire platform, instantly.

Mapped Friends

If they have activated location, see the general location of your PeerPals! Locations aren't highly specific for privacy but will provide a city and country. Connect with peers around the world!