Expert led local experiences all in one simple app. Open, find something you want to do, and go!

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Book and Create

Lidi allows you to book expert led experiences around your area. Are you an expert in something? Create an experience and publish to the marketplace without any hassle.

Find your Passion

Personalize your interests and let Lidi do the work of curating great experiences!

Explore Bookings

With so many amazing opportunities, Lidi offers you pretty much anything you want to do. Open the app and go!

Manage Your Bookings

You can view and manage your bookings right in the app. Chat with your guest or reschedule a booking if needed.

Real Time Messaging

Simple, real time messaging allows you to connect with your host and guest simply.

Manage Requests

Sometimes you want to vet your guests. Lidi allows you to either allow anyone to book or allow requests.