LED lighting retrofit and energy audits made simple. Digitalight's eAuditWear platform allows for rapid and repeatable auditing and for powerful reporting.

Search and Browse

eAuditWear includes powerful search and browse capability to help users find exactly the lighting fixture they are looking for.

Information and Choice

Choice is essential to selecting the best replacement. eAuditWear displays the details of a lighting fixture at the tap of a button.

Report Preview

Users can see the high level details that will be included in a Report prior to exporting. This helps avoid mistakes and improves accuracy.

Quick Templates

Select a template to pre-populate an area to increase the efficiency of your audit.

Data Collection

Rapidly complete audits using templates and a streamlined room-by-room technique.

Full Administrator Control

See who can and cannot access your information with a simple administrator dashboard.

Generate Reports

eAuditWear automatically generates reports showing the cost of retrofit, energy savings, and cost savings.