Adolescence is often a confusing and frustrating time in a person's life. Copeify allows for anonymous self education, discovery, and discussion about some of life's most confusing topics.

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Top Content

Browse the most popular content from a variety of topics specifically tailored to you based on your reading habits.

Content Detail

Copeify learns what content you like over time, making it that much more personalized when you do find that perfect article.


Copeify encourages user engagement by rewarding time spent in app and reading a variety of articles.

Anonymous Coping content

Browse channels related to common questions and problems related to adolescences. View articles, blogs, tweets, videos, and more all in an anonymous fashion.

News and Content

Browse curated news stories from a variety of topics such as Health, Family, and Friendship.


Search through your curated news articles to find a specific topic.

Cope Connect

Connect anonymously with a school or resource administrator. Ask questions or voice emotions in a safe anonymous environment.