Revolutionizing how recruiters communicate with and screen candidates, candiSee allows both sides to focus on what matters most -- finding the best fit.

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Human resources
Create Positions

The candiSee web platform allows Recruiters to Create a Position listing and open it up to applicants or share it with specific applicants.

Create Lists

A Recruiter can make lists of Candidates for future reference because sometimes a Candidate isn't the perfect fit right now, but they are worth keeping an eye on.

Instant Messaging

Recruiters and Candidates can chat back and forth to keep all details right in the candiSee platform.


Stay Organized

Staying organized during the job search is the difference between finding the best and feeling frustrated. Easy drag and drop organization and data logging allows recruiters to track every step and stay on target.

"Iron Forge has been a tremendous friend and business partner. Their quality of work is exceptional, their enthusiasm is genuine and their commitment is unrivaled. They epitomize what it means to care about the success of their clients."

Zachary Moosbrugger, Founder at


Recruiters can work right from their phone, or power up their work flow with a full desktop web experience.


Everything needed to find a new job, in the palm of your hand. Search for a new job, share some details and a cover video, and watch the job prospects grow!

Simple Exploration

Search and swipe through job opportunities.

Stepped Application

Tailor your profile for each job posting or use your defaults.

Cover Video Recording

Record a short cover video to introduce yourself and why you're applying.

Application Management

Track the timeline of your application from initial review all the way to hired!