Designed to integrate with custom hardware, the Aquametals web platform provides water treatment personnel the information they need.

UX & UI Design

The data dense, but organized, Dashboard allows for monitoring statuses at a glance.


When a deeper dive into the data is needed, this detail screen provides trends and vitals.

Simple Connection

Our User Experience experts designed a setup process that is a breeze. Just turn on your hardware and we'll take care of the rest.


Full Control

The Administrator section consolidates user management tasks such as adding new users and changing alerts for existing technicians.

Easy Onboarding

New users are up in running in just a few steps.

Automated Alerts

It's important to know the facts about each safety feature from each manufacturer as well as keep updated with news related to recalls and malfunctions. Rookie Rides dedicates much of its time curating content to keep you informed.

Precision Metrics

Consistency is important and changing correction factors for sensors is built in.