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Social Influencers and brands together on one platform to spark the next internet phenomenon.

All in One

With one of the highest quality influencer networks on the app store, Trend allows brands to offer products in exchange for creative content. Brands and influencers can manage the entire process - from application to submission and evaluation - right from the app. 


Explore Products

Influencers can browse from thousands of dollars of products and choose the campaign that is the right fit for them.


Browse Brands

Top brands like Lyft, Dollar Shave Club, and Healthade list their products on Trend to reach only the top influencers.


Incredible Creative

Brands can re-use and re-purpose influencer created creative throughout their marketing.


"Iron Forge will become a part of your team. They have unique product instincts and skill sets that far surpass the computer. They’re thoughtful listeners who will turn conversations and goals into powerful products that can scale with your business."

Zachary Moosbrugger, Founder at


Brand + Product Details

Know exactly what is expected of you when you sign up for each campaign with detailed expectations.


You're Trending!

See how your posts are doing in the real world. Likes, comments, and engagement data is right at your fingertips.


Manage Incoming Posts

Approve or deny posts about your product to only get the best creative from the influencer.

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