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The Biggest Mistake You'll Make When Building Software!

Let me ask you a question – if a builder told you they wanted to build you a house without a blueprint, would you hire them?

No, right?

Why wouldn’t you hire them?

Concerned that the foundations may not be secure?

Maybe you forgot to add enough space for that third bathroom?

You get the point…

And yet when it comes to software development, too many entrepreneurs and small business owners’ are happy to hire a development firm or freelancer to build their software without first understanding the product road map, and more importantly - how the actual application is going to work.


Because for over a decade, software development has been a mystery to the masses. Most business owners don’t know how to code basic JavaScript, let alone create fully functioning web or mobile applications. And without a thorough understanding of how software development works, many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves with the short end of the stick when it comes to software development with over 70% of all software development deals going sideways.

So how does a prototype solve this?

For one, it allows us, mortals, to be able to hold developers accountable and remove the ambiguity associated with how our end product or platform will look and feel. As a non-technical founder, when you have a clickable prototype created, not only are you able to see first-hand, how the UI/UX of the platform will work, but you’re able to negotiate with development firms, with a firm spot in the driver’s seat.

How does a clickable prototype work?

With a clickable prototype, we create a "pixel-perfect" version of your platform so that developers and potential users can understand how your software will work. This allows you to get validated feedback from potential users and customers.

Click here to view a live example or the image below!

RecreationRentalz was then able to implement these designs into their final product which you can view here.

So how much does it cost to build a clickable prototype?

Well, the good news is, it’s usually a lower cost than most internationally developed “MVPs.” With prices ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the platform and complexity of your product, a clickable prototype can often be the perfect solution to bridge the gap between idea and market validation. At Iron Forge, prices start around $8,000.

Whereas a cheaply developed MVP may have been the preferred method for entrepreneurs 10 years ago, using a variety of smoke screen testing in combination with your clickable prototype, you can now actually test market fit as well as validate the demand for your product without writing a single line of code!

Sounds good, right?

Not only this, but when it comes to fundraising to build the IPR (initial product release,) say goodbye to trying to explain how your software will work using PowerPoint presentations, animations, and a whole lot of other smoke and mirrors, and simply share the link to your prototype as if you would a live website. We all know the benefits of visual aid when pitching a business, so imagine the possibilities with a fully functioning clickable prototype?

At Iron Forge, this is a practice we’ve put into place time and time again with our clients. Because of the unique approach, we take to building out product design, we’ve seen many of our entrepreneurs successfully fundraise, using a clickable prototype, upwards of 7 figures.

Want to talk to our team of experts to see whether a clickable prototype would help your start-up?

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