Podcast Ep. 9: Brian Doyle, AXIUS Core

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Welcome to the fourth episode of our Client Spotlight Series! Our guest this week is former USA National rugby player, Brian Doyle! Brian has seen unparalleled success in the sport of Rugby and is now utilizing his skillset to launch a fitness brand, AXIUS. The AXIUS Core helps target and strengthen your core, which translates to increases in physical output across the board. Throughout the interview, Chris and Brian discuss the various challenges that Brian faced while transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. Having a background in athletics, Brian outlines his unique perspective on the similarities between athletics and entrepreneurship. Brian also dives into his latest software-infused product that he has used Iron Forge to assist him with. Throughout the interview, Brian and Chris discuss the importance of testing BEFORE building when it comes to both hardware and software. This podcast is littered with insightful advice for anyone considering pursuing entrepreneurship!

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