Podcast Ep. 7: Tiffany Shelly, Last Minute Hair

Welcome to the third episode of our Client Spotlight Series! This week we are excited to present Tiffany Shelly of Last Minute Hair as our guest! Tiffany made the decision to found Last Minute Hair to fill a gap in her market, and speaks brilliantly on what it takes to become a solo founder. Tiffany and Chris go on to discuss the many challenges of entrepreneurship and ways to overcome these challenges. Tiffany also talks about her experience with Iron Forge and the benefits of having a development team for brainstorming, planning, and executing on her initiative. Tiffany also outlines how she manages being the CEO of her company while also raising young children. Later in the interview, Chris and Tiffany discuss "entrepreneurial depression" and how to combat this common problem.

Check out Tiffany and Last Minute Hair below!





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