Podcast Ep. 6: Xan Hong, OnTrac

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Welcome to our second episode in our Client Spotlight Series! This week we are delighted to present Xan Hong of OnTrac as our guest! Xan is the CEO of OnTrac and discusses the unusual circumstances that led to his creation of OnTrac. Xan and Chris also discuss the risks associated with entrepreneurship and when/where in your career you are best suited to take them on. Xan also gives his advice for how entrepreneurs can limit the risk they take on through market validation. Xan and Chris also discuss the best route for entrepreneurs to take when developing software, which is to start with a low-cost, low-risk product (typically an MVP/prototype) and gain market insight before diving into a full development. Chris and Xan also touch on the investment side of starting a business and how to give yourself the best chance to secure investments.

Check out OnTrac and Xan Hong below!



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