Podcast Ep. 14: Adam Hoffman, Provider Pool

Welcome back to another installment of our Client Spotlight Series! This week we sit down with Adam Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer of Provider Pool! Provider Pool is fundamentally reimagining how medical professionals find their homes through a digital marketplace that connects RNs, CNAs, and LPNs with per diem and travel opportunities based on their preferences and needs. Having had plenty of experience with start-ups, Adam identified the potential that Provider Pool had and jumped on board early. Since joining, Adam has utilized his entrepreneurial experiences to grow Provider Pool significantly. Chris and Adam discuss each other's entrepreneurial experiences and offer advice for young entrepreneurs following the same path as them. Chris explains a major lesson he's learned which is that taking shortcuts will almost always burn you in the end. Adam counters this lesson with a lesson of his own, which is: No matter how good of a salesperson you are, at some point you have to DELIVER! Going off this, Chris explains how many non-technical founders lack the expertise to qualify CTO's and how often-times unqualified CTO's slip through the cracks and end up burning the founders. Adam and Chris also discuss Adam's success with fundraising and what methods he used to secure capital. Adam explains how you need to be able to tell your story to investors and convince them that their money will be going towards your successful future. Adam and Chris also discuss the importance of saving your equity early-on as a founder.




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