Podcast Ep. 11: Zach Moosbrugger,

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Welcome to the fifth episode of our Client Spotlight Series! Our guest this week is one of Iron Forge's first clients, Zach Moosbrugger! Zach is the co-founder of, a platform reinventing the way social media influencers monetize their online presence. Being one of our first clients, Zach and Chris reflect upon how Iron Forge has evolved and grown over the years. Having seen unprecedented growth himself, Zach speaks on the process he went through and gives his advice for many of the common hurdles entrepreneurs face. Zach discusses the importance of building the right team and finding coworkers who compliment your skillset. Chris and Zach also discuss how took an "MVP route" to development and why that is the best route to take in order to gain market feedback. Chris also goes on to ask about monetization and how Zach was able to successfully monetize his platform. Later in the interview, Zach and Chris talk about the benefits of a commercialization shop, such as Iron Forge, for entrepreneurs who are new to the space.

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