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Investor Pitch Deck Template | 12 Slides You MUST Have

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Raising capital is perhaps one of the most overwhelming parts of launching any new startup. When is the correct time to raise? How much should I be raising? And, who should I be raising from?

No matter what stage your startup is at if you are trying to raise funds and are in the process of creating your pitch deck - this 12 slide template will lay the foundation for a successful pitch!

Slide 1: Company Info

On this slide, it's important to keep it simple. This of this slide as your book cover, just a simple logo, catchy phrase, and website will suffice - don't get carried away!

Slide 2: What's the Problem?

This is the "why should I care?" slide. Investors hate having their time wasted, start off strong and let them know what is wrong with the world that they didn't already know. Your problem slide should be clear and concise, outlining the specific problem that you are trying to tackle. Broad topics such as world hunger, deforestation, and saving the polar bears, are not suitable problems to solve for a college dating app.

Slide 3: What's Your Solution?

This is the "how are you going to fix it?" slide. You're trying to persuade a room of successful men and women that if they write you a check for $250,000 that you'll not only solve the problem but deliver a 10x return. Why is your solution so innovative that it hasn't been done before and won't be imitated within 30 days or success?

Slide 4: Market Sizing

This is the "who could you sell to?" and "who will you sell to?" slide. There is a very key distinction between TAM (Total Addressable Market) and SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market.) TAM is every one that could possibly buy your product and service and SAM is who do you intend to sell your product or service to.

Key Tip: In order for any investor to believe or feel confident in getting a return, they need to know that there is a large enough market out there to purchase your solution. If your target market is only 100,000 people, and you sell a $10/month subscription, there is little potential for a significant return. Similarly, the old "we only need to capture 0.0000001% of this trillion-dollar empire" to make $100 million dollars in the next 60 days doesn't sit well with investors.

Slide 5: Business Model

This is the "how will we make any money?" slide. Have you created a subscription style business? If so, how much is your customer willing to pay? Is your application a "freemium" style software? If so, what percent do you expect to convert? It is important to note that if you are a pre-revenue company, it is expected that you won't have a 100% solid grasp on these numbers, just yet, but by including additional metrics such as churn, customer lifetime value, and expected customer acquisition cost, it shows investors that you understand how your business model will work.

Slide 6: Basic Financial Projections

This is the "how much money will you make?" slide. Most investors are looking for 3-5 year projections where they want to see that hockey stick curve graph taking you from zero dollars to millions of dollars in revenue. Entrepreneurs have the tendency to be conservative in these predictions - don't be. You have to shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars.

Slide 7: Competitors

This is the "who else is already doing this?" slide. And before you say it, you DO have competitors! Unless you're truly creating a scientific marvel (which if you are, please let me know) you have competitors. And if you can't find any competitors and start to gain traction, you better believe there will be some competition coming around the corner.

Slide 8: Competitive Advantage

This is the "why is my company better?" slide. This isn't a slide to bash your competitors, this is where you can explain why your competitors have been unable to obtain significant market share, or if they have, explain how you're going to take it from them. The use of a competitor analysis chart here can be a fantastic way of visually representing how your company is going to take over the market.

Slide 9: Predicates/Comparable Exists/Investments

This is the "who's done it before?" slide. If you're in a niche market and have been struggling to fundraise, find some examples of other companies that have been successful in similar industries. Not only does this highlight some potential acquisition targets, but it also shows that there is money to be made within your industry. If a company has been acquired recently for $50 million dollars in your industry, show that and talk about how you will be able to do the same.

Slide 10: The Team

This is the "who are we?" slide. It's all very well to be able to spot a problem in the market and have a solution, but who do you have on your team that can execute? Do you have industry experts? Are you a one-man show? Most investors are looking for at least a team of 3 to qualify a startup team. No matter how good you are in one area, you will have your weaknesses and they want to ensure that that weakness, is another team member's strength.

Slide 11: The Ask & Use of Funds

This is the "how we'll spend your money" slide. If and when you are successful in raising funds, you need to have a clear plan of how these funds will be used. An investor is going to want to see how you will be spending their money, and how that will help you grow. Do you need to build a new website? A mobile app? Will you be hiring a sales team? Will you be traveling for conventions?

Slide 12: Thank You and Contact Information

This is where you thank your judges, investors, family members, or friends for listening to your pitch and welcome any questions. Also ALWAYS list your contact information on this slide, especially if you are presenting at a pitch competition so that members of the audience can quickly grab your contact information.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you need additional help and would like to schedule a time to talk with our team regarding fundraising, building software, creating a professional pitch deck, or building out your MVP, please click the image below and complete the contact form!

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