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Complete product redesign

The Manna team had previously built a great beta platform but were looking for a total redesign. Iron Forge overhauled the UI and UX while keeping to the roots of what the app stands for.

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Full recipe customization

Recipes can be complicated or simple. Manna provides near infinite flexibility in its recipe creator through image scan, recipe import, or manual recipe creation.

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Social recipe discovery

Using the user’s own dietary preferences and restrictions, Manna helps users find new recipes they will love by swiping through recipes that fit their needs.


What is Manna?

Manna is about making food easier, no matter your desire, lifestyle or dietary needs. It's a platform where home cooks, chefs, recipe developers and creators can interact, customize recipes and share food – all in one place.

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Complete Product Redesign

Client's Original

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The Iron Forge team helped Manna completely overhaul their product design - from information architecture through UX wireframing and final UI design. This was more than just a coat of paint - we went all the way to the studs and completely reimagined their product and offering.

Final Design

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Full recipe and cookbook customization

With Manna - you're in control. Manna offers extremely easy to use tools to build your cookbook, create your own recipes, discover new dishes, and share on your own personalized feed with users just like you!


Social recipe discovery and integrated content

Everything in the app is based on the user's food preferences. Manna combines the best of food content, all-star recipes, social engagement, and personalization to bring users the easiest and best way to discover new dishes and explore their own culinary chops!

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Try it yourself

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