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Simple Tap to Track Interface

Tracking daily routines can be arduous. We designed and built Forge Legend's app to make daily, weekly, and quarterly tracking of metrics as simple as possible with one tap and automated stats.

Public Accountability and Leaderboards

Competition encourages better results. Team and global leaderboards show who is the best and who is the rest.

Team Building and Competition

Teams can be created with any number of users for any purpose. Teams can be compared versus other teams or individually within the team, allowing greater localized competition.


Before Iron Forge

Forge Legend’s initial approach to data collection was done completely by hand, putting the onus on the individual to track and calculate scores every week. As Forge Legend grew in popularity, it became untenable to keep track of everyone’s true scores.

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Forge Legend Mobile

The Forge Legend mobile app on both iOS and Android was designed, built, and maintained by Iron Forge to aid Forge Legend's customers in their tracking, stats, and leaderboards.

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Simple Tap to Track Interface

The Forge Legend mobile app makes it easy to track the daily, weekly, and quarterly metrics that Forge Legend is built upon. With multiple factors contributing to your Weekly Score, users instantly know where they are at and where they need to improve.

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Public Accountability and Leaderboards

Through competition and public statistics, Forge Legend users push each other to do and be better. Each user can choose which parts of their profile and metrics are public, allowing full control and flexibility. A global and team leaderboard help you find where you are versus your friends or versus everyone on the app.

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Team Building and Competition

Teams improve accountability and kinship. Forge Legend has many administrative tools to allow any user the ability to easily create and seamlessly manage a team. Compare your team vs others and see overall team stats to make quantitative decisions for your members.

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