Current Openings

  • Mobile Developers

    • Android(Kotlin and Java)

    • iOS developers (Swift)

  • Web Developers

    • Javascript developers (React.js, Node.js)

  • Project managers

  • Product/UI/UX Designer

Please send your resume and portfolio to

Why work for The Forge?

Not everybody should. Members of the Iron Forge team must be professional, mature, personable, independent, and highly skilled. If you have an abrasive personality or require supervision of your daily activities, this is not the place for you.

However, if:

​You are looking for an opportunity to work with a team comprised of some the best developers, are an exceptionally hard worker and efficient with your time, looking for long-running involvement in challenging and rewarding projects, and are tired of wasting your time commuting

...then you will love being a part of this team.