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Using the latest in BLE technology, the mobile app effortlessly connects to the AXIUS board to wirelessly calculate pitch, roll, and tilt.

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Algorithmic Score Development

Using a proprietary algorithm developed by Iron Forge, the app will calculate the user’s balance score up to thirty times per second.

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Video Personal Training

With advanced video recording technology, AXIUS personal trainers are able to review workouts remotely and provide audio feedback over workout videos.


What is AXIUS?

AXIUS is a smart bluetooth connected fitness device that teaches foundational strength through core, balance, and mobility training. Enhanced personal recommendations are enabled through the instant capture and processing of users data allowing for a better more effective workout.

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“Iron Forge Development’s thorough work helped us acquire generous investments. The team has a large company's skill and vision and a small team's dedication and attentiveness, which is a perfect combination that proves them to be a valuable partner.”


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The Axius Mobile Application

The Iron Forge team developed a beautiful and functional solution allowing users to instantly connect to their AXIUS unit, learn new exercises, and train smarter.

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Bluetooth Connection and Score Development

The AXIUS smart fitness device instantly tracks progression and offers real time feedback on user’s workouts through intelligent score analysis. By sampling three dimensional device data up to thirty times per second, the AXIUS application can calculate differentials of tilt, roll, and yaw with incredible precision.

By analyzing the data over the course of the workout, the AXIUS application calculates additional vectors including volatility and fatigue, allowing the application to learn which exercises, muscle groups, and fitness fundamentals you need to improve upon as well as adjusting progression to harder movements as users do well or a more forgiving score if users do poorly, all in real time.

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While automated data-driven fitness instruction allows for infinite scalability, one-on-one human connection is preferred by many when working out. AXIUS is built to serve this need through simple background video recording of workouts.

Uploaded securely to our servers, the videos allow the highly trained AXIUS personal training corps to deliver audio overlay instruction, guiding a user just as they would if they were in the gym themselves. Additional personal training feature sets are on the horizon such as video annotation and real time group sessions.

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Asynchronous Video Personal Training

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Looking Forward

Partnering with Iron Forge, AXIUS plans an expansion of platforms and offerings for the future AXIUS platform.

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Influencer Content Platform and Expansion of Connected Devices

With a focus on the fitness industry’s up and coming influencers, AXIUS will drive constant content creation and additional revenue streams through both subscriptions and new innovative smart AXIUS branded connected devices.

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Community Building and Real-Time Challenges

AXIUS will bring together the burgeoning community through real time instructor led challenges and both macro and micro community leaderboards. See how you stack up against the best of the best or the best of your demographic.

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