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Send thoughtful digital gifts to your friends and family with Aikon! Choose any restaurant or store around the world, a recipient, and add images, drawings, gifs, videos, and audio for a personalized touch!

Choose a Location

Find the perfect match by browsing by type or searching by name.

Design Your Aikon

Browse gifs and images, or draw your own to personalize your Aikon.

Add Media and Send

Add in a sound recording or a video, review your work, and send your Aikon!

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Connect Your Friends

Pull from social media or your contacts list to populate your Aikon list!

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Receive Aikons Anywhere

While you can view your Aikon anytime, you have to be at the location to unlock the message and redeem!

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Keep Organized

Aikons don't expire so keep all your digital gift cards in one place.

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Explore Locations

Aikons can be given to any restaurant or store in America! Choose a location or search for one around your recipient. 


Thoughtful Gifting

Attach video, audio, and a personal message to your gift for added thoughtfulness.

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Map Your Aikons

Close to a place you have an Aikon to? We'll notify you so you can swing by!